Cookies are small files that are sent and stored when you browse the internet. Each website typically uses one or more cookies where it stores the information it deems necessary for its best possible operation. This information is grouped into four (4) main categories:

  • Necessary The lack of cookies of this category affects the operation of the website to a great extent. Without cookies, features such as linking to a website, online product purchases, or online payments are not feasible.
  • Performance Performance cookies are related to collect information about user behavior when navigating the site and storing anonymous information about usage statistics, performance, etc. Their purpose is to collect information that improves the functionality of the website.
  • Usability Usability cookies store usage data in webmare and in affiliate stores that will facilitate the next user’s visit to the site. The data may be anonymous and not available when navigating the user on other web pages.
  • Advertising Used to select and display ads tailored to the user’s interests.

We use cookies to provide better service and improved experience to our users. Setting up regulations and a legal framework for using cookies is an ongoing effort. The formulation of these rules is something very new at both the Greek and the European level. For these reasons, we feel obliged to inform our users clearly and honestly about the policy we follow about cookies.
Cookies fall into the categories of necessity, performance and usability. The information stored is for our services and is used exclusively for them.

We use Google services to record traffic statistics as well as to display targeted ads that create the corresponding cookies. These cookies are governed by Google’s privacy policy (