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We are extremely proud of our heritage and the company we’ve become today. Throughout our history, it has been the dedication of our team members that has allowed us to grow into a company that we are now.

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You may choose from our standard products. But feel free to offer something else. 


309.99  €

Professional Website

  • Ideal choice for small or middle business to present it service or product
  • Includes up to 10 pages
  • Hosting, domain, email support

Standard Website

  • All in one. Known as landing page. Example is our website.
  • Modern, responsive and user friendly.
  • Hosting, domain, email support​

Mini Online shop

  • Ideal for restaurants, cafe, small shops
  • Up to 100 products
  • Hosting, domain, email support​
799.99  €

Professional Online shop

  • Fully functional store online. New level for your business.
  • Over 100 products
  • Hosting, domain, email support

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Easy Targeting

The unique structure of the website make easier to find it via search machine such as Google, Yahoo, Yandex etc 

data analyse

Data will be presented in user friendly manner. To be easy to read but in he same time to bring full information to the customer.

detail marketing

Give our customers possibility to use modern, flexible product. To be inline with the world market and to provide best and fast service.

Over 30+ completed projects & still counting.

UI/UX Design

Our customers are different but

We can find an ideal solution for any business. Our goal is to create easy web solutions for competitive prices. That would allow any kind of business to have its own, effective, modern and working web site.